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If you’ve paid any attention to West Coast based indie pop & EDM the past few years, then you’re bound to have heard Hopscotch. This LA based, former Oaklander, has had a monster year for releases. Vibe Magazine calls her a “fast rising producer / vocalist”. As she readies herself to tour, she’s poised to reshape the landscape and prove that the new concert space is not just a boys game, that female vocals belong (beyond features and the occasional epic festival breakdown), that Hopscotch brings the same level of stage intensity and crushing DJ / Producer / Vocalist set to any EDM or indie pop concert setting.

Having built a repertoire of 34 released songs over 2 albums and 2 EPs, Hopscotch is the latest moniker of Angela LaBaw, formerly known as Anahata Sound. Hopscotch’s most recent release, the “Archer EP & Remixes” has made some serious waves in the EDM blogosphere this Spring with features from SPIN, Billboard, Vice’s Thump, Vibe, Bullet, and Do Androids Dance, just to name a few. With over 180K plays on her Jantsen & Dirtmonkey remix for “Red Sea”, and several others over 10K plays, her Soundcloud page has exploded of late and her pipeline of recent and relevant material is over the top. She also received critical acclaim from Bullet Magazine for her most recent music video for “Black & White Horses”.

With international touring experience as Hopscotch or Anahata Sound, and coming off of Coachella’s Do Lab stage for 2014, Hopscotch brings a veteran understanding of performance with a fresh project and growing fan base hungry to see her show live.

Hopscotch has a vault of material coming together for late Summer and Fall 2014. Follow Hopscotch at her Soundcloud, Facebook, or Twitter to get the latest on that. To book Hopscotch reach out to management, Britton Kimler, at today.


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