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Hopscotch is the latest creative voice for Angela LaBaw, a Los Angeles based voice artist, electronic producer, and performer (formerly known as “Anahata Sound”). Hopscotch’s “Emotion Remix Pack” (Oct 2013) curate the listener’s journey through the best history of vocal electronic music, (ALL4ONE’s Emotion Remix was rewarded with over 100K plays at while consistently setting the bar for what’s “next” in production caliber. She a consummate experimentalist and knows how to refine this adventurousness into hook driven, audience friendly compositions. Her 12 track “Archer EP & Remixes” releasing one at a time through Spring 2014, has already gained some serious attention for the original songs as well as remixes from Jantsen & Dirtmonkey, Rex Riot, Brooks Brown, Dimond Saints, and more.

In March 2013, collaborating with fellow Bay area producer Releece, she put out her first single of 2013, “Emotion,” receiving almost 7000 plays and 500 downloads in 1 week. She took that early success and translated it into a remix EP for Emotion in Oct 2013, and for her 2014 Archer Project. Spring 2012 saw her debut release under this name, the self-titled “Hopscotch”, with features from Sleepyhead and remixes by Danny Corn & Christopher Norman. Her EP “Ready Chief” (released under the name Anahata Sound on Gypsypop Records) features artists as diverse as Killah Priest and Benny Green. With coming collaborations from a fresh crop of producers, look forward to more from Hopscotch in the coming months.

Hopscotch also knows her way around a stage. When touring as “Anahata Sound”, she toured as a member of The Fungineers as well as electronic music project Hot Pink Purple as a collaboration with Russ Liquid (RLS). Since then she has toured extensively in North America, Canada, Europe, Egypt, Australia and numerous festivals internationally.

With an operatically trained mother and a diverse musical family, Angela LaBaw has been on stage as an actress and performer for most of her life. Couple this with a formal education in voice and composition, not to mention a BA in Production/Engineering, and it’s no wonder that Hopscotch fuses all of these performance energies into a character driven expression – simultaneously inviting and inspiring. Always asking, “are you ready?”


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